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Hayelala (The Howl),

A band from northern Israel, is a hypnotic human odyssey of poetics, groove and sound.

They play  original folklore music, that takes it's time and pace from the gospel prayer houses, holy trumpets ,chinese calligraphy, as well as the staggering of  owls on a high tree at night ,and the bright blooming of the evening star above them.

Multi layered folk arrangements weave around Nitai Kallay’s original compositions. The songs are chants, prayers and lamentations that may help to carry the wounded to the wonder.

Love, longing and separation. Failure, fury and laughter. From this remembering, new blood flows in the heart chambers of the hall that we share, and the face of our beloved appears - this place and nothing else.

They latest release, the album 'Back In The Mystery' is out now.

May this songs carry the wounded to the wonder.

Hayelala Are

Nitai Kallay

Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar

Yuval Maayan

Electric Guitar

Ori Ehrman


Soof Nikritin

Double Bass

Yuval Kaufman


Nur Bar Goren



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Soof Nikritin


Ori Ehrman



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